For Your Convenience

Facilities are complete that you can use whether as a member or non-member.

VIP/Meeting Room

Golf Bandar Kemayoran has a VIP and meeting room with a maximum capacity of 40 people, equipped with an audio system, projector, karaoke, and lounge. The room is also equipped with 24 lockers with a washbasin, 3 showers, and 2 toilets with amenities.

Driving Range

Golf Bandar Kemayoran provides 32 bays driving range which is highly recommended for beginner and professional players to practice. It is also equipped with facilities like bar, pro shop, toilets, etc.

Golf Car

Golf Bandar Kemayoran completed with more than 70 units of 2-seater golf cart, which will carry golfers around the golf course and exploring the whole course with less effort.

Locker Room

Golf Bandar Kemayoran provides spacious locker rooms for men and women, completed with 176 lockers, dressing rooms, toilets, washbasins, showers, and amenities.

Shower Room

In addition to locker rooms, Golf Bandar Kemayoran also provides shower rooms as existing facilities. Some of the shower rooms are also equipped with a washbasin (hand wash) and toilet. There are 30 shower rooms at Golf Bandar Kemayoran that you can use to freshen up after playing golf all day long.


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